MUSIC MINISTRY at St. Maria Goretti             
Musicians are Liturgical Ministers who play keyboards, guitars and sing. Their role is to provide music for weekend Masses, funerals, and special church services. We are in need of musicians at this time as current members are getting older. If interested please contact John Mahon. It helps to be able to read music, but if you don't, you are still welcome to learn music at practices and become a group member. Contact John Mahon  (309) 799-5662.

ALTAR SERVERS at St. Maria Goretti
Boys & girls are trained in the 4th grade and above. They learn about the Mass and become familiar with the items used at Mass. It is a wonderful way to serve the parish and the priest celebrating Mass while giving the students an opportunity in learning to be active participants at Mass. If interested in serving or have questions please contact the Parish Office (309) 799-3414.

CROSS BEARERS at St. Maria Goretti
Cross-bearers process into Mass with the priest and altar servers while carrying the cross to the altar & placing it in its designated place.

GIFT BEARERS at St. Maria Goretti
Parishioners are asked when they arrive at Mass if they would like to bring the Bread & Wine to the altar at the time of the Presentation & Preparation of the Gifts at Mass. If the Mass Intention is for a family member that family is encouraged to carry up the gifts.

ENVIRONMENT at St. Maria Goretti
This group is responsible for the environment in the church, including decorating the altar, keeping altar cloths etc. in good condition, as well as making sure the correct colors are used for the various parts of the church year. This group also does some outside planting and looks for items throughout the year that can be put to use in and around the church. They also set up for Masses and makes sure the tabernacle candle is always lit. They are always looking for additional people as many hands make light work. Contact Mary Ann Lapaczonek (309) 799-1104.

LECTOR/READER at St. Maria Goretti
Readers welcome the congregation and read an introduction to the Mass. They also share the General Intercessions and make any announcements at the end of Mass.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass in a clear, persuasive way and with interpretive emphasis so that the faithful may discover anew God’s Word, alive in our assembly. If interested contact the Parish Office.

at St. Maria Goretti
Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the presider in the distribution of Holy Communion & the Precious Blood. If interested call the Parish Office. (309) 799-3414.

Pastoral volunteers visit homebound parishioners and those in the hospital.  They take them Holy Communion and share time with them. Contact Lois DeCoster (309) 799-3433.

PRAYER LINE at St. Maria Goretti
Maureen Bennett 309-269-6565  

Prayer line is a way to gain assistance in prayer for any problem/need you or a family or friend may have. When you submit a prayer request by email or phone, it will be shared with St. Maria Goretti and Mary, Our Lady of Peace parishioners, so that they may pray for you or your request.  If you would like to receive the submitted prayer requests, contact Maureen with your email address or phone number.  Prayer is a way for us to reach out of ourselves, to put aside our loneliness and pain for the sake of another. Jesus teaches us that if we agree on anything and ask in faith it will be granted (Matthew 18:19). "I tell you, ask and you will receive..." (Luke 11:9Matt. 7:7).