Buildings and Grounds Committee
This Committee tracks maintenance needs of the facilities and prevents recommendations to the Parish Council. Members promote and participate in the spring and fall cleanup as well as maintenance days for the Parish grounds. There is no set term for members. Members are stewards committed to preserving our Parish facilities.

Roberto Alleruzzo, Chairperson, 309-799-7910

Members of this Committee act as an advisory group that aids the Pastor in matters concerning budgeting, capital expenditures, and other financial matters. This group also tracks income and expenses for the year. There is no set term for members. Members are committed active
Committee Members
Crystal Arnold, Chairperson, 309-787-6335
Chet Doyle
Aaron Veneer
Alan Wilson
Father Anthony (Tony) Ego, Pastor
John Kratt, Trustee
Camy Stone, Trustee

Members of this Council act as an advisory group to the Pastor and share in the responsibility of keeping the Parish focused on its pastoral mission and ministry. Council Members are appointed for a three-year term and should be active members of the Parish during their term. The Council meets ten times per year.
Marcia Jacobs
Mark Fennell
Rick and Marilyn Nesbitt
Kathy Sommers
Crystal Arnold
Fr. Tony

Please contact the church office (309)799-3414)

The Social Concerns Committee has two major directions:  1) To educate the Parish regarding Catholic social teaching as it relates to current concerns in our society, and 2) To provide encouragement and opportunities  Pope Francis calls us “to become islands of mercy, transforming parishes into places where God’s mercy becomes visible”.  On a parish level, Pope Francis calls every community to go outside of itself and engage in the life of the greater society of which it is a part, paying special attention to the poor and those who are far away.
Committee Members:          
Laurie Bonjour, Committee Chairperson
Cherly Alleruzzo
Patti Jo Brown
Ann Fennell
Carolyn Slavish

Sunday Morning Coffee & Donuts
During the church restoration, coffee and donuts are not being served.