Buildings and Grounds Committee
This committee tracks maintenance needs of the facilities and presents recommendations to the Parish Council. Members promote and participate in spring and fall clean-up and maintenance days of the parish grounds. There is no set term for members. Members are stewards committed to preserving our parish facilities.

Members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee include:

  • Roberto Alleruzzo, Chairperson (309) 799-7910
  • Chad Blunt
  • Dale Langel
  • Fred DeCoster
  • Joe Arnold
  • Crystal Arnold
  • John Kratt
  • William Dukes
  • Dean Martens

Finance Committee
Members act as an advisory group that aids the pastor in matters concerning budgeting, capital expenditures, and other financial matters. This group also tracks income and expenses for the year. There is no set term for members. Members are committed, active members of the parish. The committee meets four times per year.

Finance Committee Members:

  • Crystal Arnold, Chairperson (309) 787-6335
  • Chet Doyle
  • Aaron Venker
  • Alan Wilson
  • Fr. Jim DeBisschop, Pastor
  • John Kratt, Trustee
  • Rita Pearson, Trustee

Just Faith Ministries
Just Faith Ministries is a non-profit organization through the Catholic Church that transforms people and expands their commitment to social ministry.  Members study, explore and experience Christ’s call to care for the poor and vulnerable.  Learn more at http://justfaith.org/  Contact BJ Keegan for additional information.

Parish Council
Members of this council act as an advisory group to the pastor and share in the responsibility of keeping the parish focused on its pastoral mission and ministry.  They are appointed for a 3-year term and should be active members of the parish during their term.  The council meets 10 times a year.

Parish Council Members:

  • Maureen Bennett, President (309-269-6565)          
  • Pat Turner, Vice President                                              
  • Lorrie Poleskly, Secretary                                                           
  • Randy Jaminet                                                                   
  • Brad Keleher                                                                       
  • Jennifer Schnell                                                                 
  • Patti Brown                                                                         
  • Dale Witzel                                                                          
  • Fr. Jim DeBisschop, Pastor
  • Camy Stone, Trustee
  • John Kratt, Trustee

Religious Education Teachers
The mission of our Religious Education Teachers is guided by the words of Pope Francis:

 “Our task is a splendid mission, ministry of the Word that catechists have been carrying out uninterruptedly for almost two thousand years…On the lips of the catechist, the first proclamation must ring out over and over: ’Jesus Christ loves you; he gave his life to save you; and now he is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free you’.

With the Pope's words in mind our religious education teachers strive to instruct our children in the Catholic faith, to teach them the good news of the gospel, and to encourage them to share the love of Christ with their family, friends and community; all while encouraging parents in their roles as the primary teachers of the faith.

Our program provides formation in the Catholic faith for children from Kindergarten to 6th Grade, culminating in a Confirmation program for 7th & 8th Grade students. Kindergarten - 6th grade students meet on Wednesday evenings from 4:30- 5:45 p.m. beginning in mid-September and ending in early May.

Confirmation classes are held on Sunday mornings following the 10 A.M. Mass.

We have Vacation Bible School programs in the summer.

If you would like to volunteer your time and talent to help on our Religious Education program in any way, big or small, please contact Jammie Jamieson.

Director of Religious Education:
Jammie Jamieson

Catechists 2016-2017:
Kindergarden & 1st – Erin Reed & Daphne Ganahl
2nd Grade – Tina Abbott & Wyatt Reed (Aide)
3rd Grade – Barb Kratt & Jenn Schnell
4th Grade – Sean Reed & Carol Nichols (Aide)
5th & 6th Grade - Ed Gross & Carrie Reed


Morgan Leffel
Joe Schilling
Dale Heiar

Bob Graves
Karen Scott
Mary Heiar

Social Concerns
Committee Chair:  Maureen Bennett (309) 269-6565

The Social Concerns Committee has two major directions:

* To educate the parish regarding Catholic social teaching as it relates to current concerns in our society
* To provide encouragement and opportunities for active engagement with these concerns

The committee meets the second Tuesday of each month, Sept through May at 6:00pm.

Members: Sr J.T. McNulty, Steve Goebel, Cheryl Alleruzzo, Bill and Mary Serandos, Mark and Ann Fennell, Dean Martins, Rita Pearson, Carolyn Slavish, Pat Turner, Pam Wilks, Marolyn Tope.

Pope Francis calls us "to become ' islands of mercy', transforming parishes...into places where God's mercy becomes visible." On a parish level, Pope Francis calls every community to go outside of itself and engage in the life of the greater society of which it is a part, paying special attention to the poor and those who are far away.

Sunday Morning Coffee & Donuts
Social gatherings occur after Sunday Mass twice a month during the winter and once a month during the summer. Coffee and donuts are served. Conversation is enjoyed by all.  

Parishioners who share in hosting this service include:
Sandy and Dale Witzel, Coordinators 309-236-7830
Cheryl and Roberto Alleruzzo
Chris and Joe Arnold
Marge Behn
Marge Bowerman, 309-721-7202
Patti Jo Brown
Donna Davis
Mary Ann Lapaczonek
Nancy Larsen, 309-234-5269
Lori and Rich Poleski
Sharon and Rex Scranton
Pat and Flip Shemek
Carol and John Slavish
Kathy and Kerry Sommers
Camy Stone